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We value the opportunity to provide such a pleasurable opportunity for collaboration and community among the participants who range from airline personnel, security officers and airport administration.

-- Lindy Sheperd, Events & Art Collection Coordinator, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, FL

I applaud the National Arts Program for your commitment to the arts and to encouraging people of all ages and abilities to participate in such a lovely show. There are so many stories attached to the beautiful art and it brings me much joy to be the vehicle that brings this program to our hospitals.

-- Susan Kett, Healing Arts Consultant, AMITA Health, IL

About the National Arts Program

At the National Arts Program, we empower organizations across the country to host art exhibitions that showcase the creativity of their employees and families.

By fostering a strong and inclusive community that builds confidence, encourages risk-taking, and values self-expression, we grow and strengthen workplaces and communities. We ensure that creativity is recognized and validated, sometimes for the first time, with prizes, scholarships, and awards programs.