2010 Portland, ME Award Winners

The City of Portland, ME is proud to announce the winners of their 4th Annual NAP Exhibition.  Pictures of these pieces and more can be found on the Portland, ME venue page of our website.
Adult Amateur
First Place – Amy Montefusco for “Tranquil Dawn”
Second Place – Robert Rosen for “Butterfly at Rest”
Third Place – Laura Lazenby for “Eyes of the Tiger”
Adult Intermediate
First Place – Sharon Fuller for “State of Maine Flower”
Second Place – James E. baker for “New Orleans Jazz”
Third Place – Christine Brunette for “Ocean Surge”
Adult Professional
First Place – Mike Marks for “Little River Dock, Maine”
Second Place – John McCarthy for “Untitled 2”
Third Place – Bruce Coffin for “True Love”
Youth 12 & Under
First Place – Sarah Clawson for “Puddle Jumping”
Second Place – Erin Clawson for “Abstract Thought”
Third Place – Henry Johannen for “Blue Dragon”
Teen 13-18
First Place – Jennifer Ricker for “Interruption”
Second Place – Brandon K. Kin for “Phil”
Third Place – Madeleine Weatherhead for “Rippled Life”
Best of Show – Sharon Osgood for “Dots”