30th Anniversary for Lubbock, Texas

Artist Maddie Hoelscher poses with her bold first place professional painting entitled ‘Rise and Shine’ (pictured here)

The Garden & Arts Center has been hosting the Lubbock, Texas National Arts Program for 30 years! They have such a long history of offering the employees of this city an opportunity to share their work and deepen connections with one another. What an amazing accomplishment it is to have brought forth the talents of their community for so many years. Longtime member of the GAC, BriAnna Cruz, did a wonderful job coordinating the show this year and even after thirty years says that she and all the GAC staff are excited and energized for NAP shows to come!

This year their exhibit was open from October 24th through November 21st and included 83 works of art from departments across the city. Jeff Griffith, the City of Lubbock Mayor Pro Tem, and the new Garden and Arts Center Director, Rebecca Web were in attendance for the November 1st awards ceremony and reception and joined in on the festivities.

The City of Lubbock NAP showcase is an opportunity for employees to gain a fuller picture of the people they work alongside and to help celebrate one another and their families. One example of the tremendous talent that was included in this showcase is artist Maddie Hoelscher’s bold first place professional painting entitled ‘Rise and Shine’ (pictured here).

We are so grateful to have venues all across the country that understand the benefits of our program and continue to be passionate about showcasing the arts year after year.