Advocate Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center 2020 National Arts Program Exhibit Video Presentation

This year Advocate Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, in Milwaukee Wisconsin, held our 6th annual All-Caregiver art show with the support of the National Arts Program. We open this show to participants who are staff, volunteers, or retired staff at the hospital as well as the immediate family members of all three categories. The COVID-19 pandemic had a drastic impact to our show as we had to cancel our reception and severely limit the number of people who were allowed to see the show. Therefore, we wanted to give all our participants the chance to see our show through a video presentation.

click here to see the full video

We want to thank everyone who participated in the show, those who voted for their favorites, the Advocate Aurora Health Cancer Services team for partial sponsorship, the Advocate Aurora Health Art Therapy team for coordinating the show, and a big thank you to the National Arts Program for their partial sponsorship and helping us make all of this possible.

We look forward to seeing what you all can prepare for next year’s show and will begin looking for registrations around November 2020.

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center