Art patronage through the ages …

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The idea of patronage networks to support those creating art originated in ancient Rome. It likely peaked in importance as an institution of society in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries. When we think of patronage in this classic sense, images of wealthy gentry, royalty or even the church come to mind.
In today’s world, art patronage is much more accessible. Any time you invest in the work of an artist or the programs of an arts organization, you are a patron of the arts!
It is also said that art is inevitable. The question is not “will there be art?” but rather, “which art will be sustained?” Patronage – your patronage – is a powerful vote for the creativity that will thrive and grow in our community.
It is worth noting that Lincoln has an arts council to “promote the arts in Lincoln, foster partnerships and collaborations, improve accessibility to the arts, raise appreciation of diversity and transform Lincoln into a model arts community … to act on behalf of the City in matters concerning the betterment of the arts in Lincoln.” The Lincoln Arts Council (LAC) is the largest arts council in Nebraska.
One way that anyone can participate in the patronage of all disciplines of art and creative expression is to become a member of the LAC. Memberships, along with individual contributions, account for 27 percent of LAC’s annual budget.
A new membership benefits package is now available for 2013-14. We have partnered with the Sheldon Museum of Art in offering a free subscription to “Artland Magazine.” This beautiful publication endeavors to build and promote a community of art throughout the state. LAC members may purchase Community Supported Art Shares in March before sales are opened to the public. There are salons, workshops and events in the planning that are value-added appreciation experiences exclusively for members. The individual membership campaign runs through Aug. 16.
Mark your calendar for the 2013 National Arts Program Awards and Artist Reception to be held at Bennett Martin Library on Friday, July 12, from 6-8 pm. Participating artists in this federal program consist of City of Lincoln and Lincoln Public Schools employees and their families. The exhibit will remain on display at the library through Aug. 9. This is the seventh annual NAP event in Lincoln facilitated by the Lincoln Arts Council.
Pictured Above: Young artist Nikole Andersen with City Councilman Carl Eskridge at the National Arts Program 2012
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