Artists Determination Helps Keeps NAP Going in Salt Lake County

“The NAP is a great opportunity for artists that don’t have a place to exhibit, encouraging them to work creatively and improve their talents,” states Valerie Price, NAP Coordinator for our Salt Lake County, UT venue. This is true for the numerous artists who have taken advantage of this annual opportunity, creating new work and entering the exhibition every year.  Valerie commented that one of the joys of coordinating the exhibit is seeing how the artwork has improved over the years.

When participation reached an all-time low in 2012 and there was a chance the show would be cancelled, it was only natural that Valerie decided to reach out for help from those that had experienced the positive effects of the program first-hand, the artists.

Valerie’s plan was a huge success with 95 artists exhibiting 155 pieces.  Not only were these numbers close to double that from the previous year, they are the highest in the eight year history of the venue.  She strongly credits the determination of the past participants for the huge increase in this year’s numbers stating that, “most of the new artists this year were recruited by artists who have participated in the past.”  

It is the strong resolve of these artists that help keep shows like Salt Lake County going.

Salt Lake County