Artwork Breaths Life into the Connector Hallways of The University of Chicago Medicine

Nurses strolling through the hallway, take a break to look at the artwork on display.

The University of Chicago is a very busy place with lots of buildings, people, and connectors that can seem overwhelming. However, once a year the connector between the two main buildings is filled with the artwork of the many employees at The University of Chicago Hospital. This year, over 125 pieces adorned the walls, hung gallery style down the two hallways with works from all media; paintings, works on paper, photography, and mixed media.

As you stroll through this year’s show, you can see many, many people stop, point, and even smile at a particular piece. It's nice to see doctors, nurses, visitors, and even patients in a short period of time slow their pace and take notice. A box accepts comments from anyone who wishes to write their opinion and the responses are very heartfelt from a spectrum of visitors.

At the reception, coordinators Monica Hork and Janet Seitzer treated everyone to refreshments, music, and even a raffle. In addition, all the children who participated in the show received art kits, regardless if they won an award or not.

The new Art Education Award was given to Lily Frantzis for her beautifully intricate metal cut piece entitled "Dog".  Ironically, her twin sister, Anna Frantzis won First Place in the Teen category for her piece entitle "Bone", a wonderful work on paper of bones as if viewed in an X-Ray machine.  You could definitely say that art runs in the family as their mother, a NICU nurse, also submitted a necklace that consisted of beads she makes by hand.

Once again, Monica and Janet's great efforts paid off as they produced another wonderful NAP exhibition for employees and their family members. 

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