Aurora, CO Celebrates Five Years

Participation increased for the National Arts Program® Fifth Anniversary Exhibition in Aurora, CO. This years show featured 79 works from city employees and their family members with the two largest categories being Adult Amateur and Intermediate. This is a 27% increase in participation from 2009.
In honor of their Fifth Anniversary, Coordinator Deana Miller, who has been producing the NAP Show in Aurora since its inception in 2005, was honored with the NAP’s Fifth Anniversary Award. The award was presented at the reception by Patti Bateman, Director of Library & Cultural Services.

This year, additional awards were sponsored by the COA Planning & Development Services and Metech,Inc. These awards were presented in a specific category focused on reused / recycled materials. A first, second and third place as well as honorable mention ribbons were awarded in both the adult and youth/teen categories.

The NAP would like to congratulate Deana and all the participants for a tremendous fifth year!