Carilion Clinic Employees Take Center Stage

“Tree of Life”; William Rogers; Amateur, First Place; Employee, Security

First time coordinator Katie Biddle, as well as the judges, were blown away by the hidden artistic talents exhibited by Carilion Clinic employees during their Fifth Annual NAP show.  With fourteen of the sixteen adult awards being presented to hospital employees including the Best of Show, who for the third year in a row was presented to an Amateur artist, it only confirms the amazing talents found within the Carilion community. “Based on this occurrence as well as the gratitude expressed by numerous participants, we are confident that this opportunity to share creativity is spurring artistic engagement and boosting employees’ confidence in their innate creative abilities,” stated Katie.

During the exhibit, Katie spent some time observing people’s reactions to the exhibition. What she noticed was how the artwork slowed the pace of those passing through the lobby and that in many cases, it even sparked some meaningful conversations. “This show truly humanizes the lobby of our hospital and contributes significantly to the overarching purpose of the Healing Arts Program,” she commented.  Based on this observation, Katie is interested in documenting the impact the show has on not only those who participate, but anyone visiting the hospital in future years.

Being able to enhance the Carilion community wouldn’t even be possible without the support and commitment of our coordinators like Katie and Kay Strickland, the Chief Development Officer of the Carilion Clinic Foundation.  Kay believed in the benefits of the program so much so that she took over the duties of coordinating the show during a time of transition between coordinators in order to make sure that this opportunity was still offered to the Carilion community.  Because of her dedication, the NAP was honored to recognize Kay with the help of Jeanne Armentrout, Executive Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer, at the awards reception by presenting her with the Fifth Anniversary Award.

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