City of Austin Provides Professional Gallery Experience for Participants

“Eurydice Falling”; George Huffman; Professional, Honorable Mention & People's Choice; Painting Employee; Parks & Recreation Department

The Dougherty Arts Center located in Austin, Texas, was filled with artwork from 117 city employees and their family members for their Twelfth Annual NAP Exhibit.  City of Austin employees not only look forward to this annual event, but co-coordinator Anne Davieux commented that the show provides, “a good way for some artists to get their feet wet in the gallery scene when they otherwise might not have the opportunity.”

Along with co-coordinator Guiniviere Webb, Anne hung close to 160 pieces in the downtown gallery space. For most of November, the public had to the opportunity to view the variety of works submitted.  Works such as the painting “Eurydice Falling” by professional artist George Huffman, who received an Honorable Mention ribbon from the judges as well as People’s Choice from the public votes.

Many family members of the participants came out to the awards reception on November 5th in support of the artists.  The coordinators used the NAP’s Non-Matching Scholarship monies for hanging and prepping the pieces to provide the participants with a truly professional gallery experience.  This allows the artist to leave with a little more knowledge than when they came in.