City of Cleveland Returns to Its Roots

Attendees delighted at the return of the show to Cudell Fine Arts.
With the City of Cleveland’s usual venue space not available for their 2018 NAP Exhibition, Coordinator Rosa Casino seized the opportunity to bring their nineteenth annual show back to its roots at Cudell Fine Arts, the city’s Cultural Arts Facility.  The ‘hidden gem’ as Rosa lovingly referred to the historic building was transformed into a beautiful gallery space thanks in part to a lot of hard work and some extra TLC from her dedicated team.  
The move back to Cudell Fine Arts proved to be an enormous success, boasting the largest display of artwork since Rosa started organizing the show four years ago.  The show featured 321 pieces from city residents, a 30% increase from last year’s exhibition.  The surge in participation can partially be contributed to the addition of two new staff members who aided in the promotion of the show, helping to surpass the original goal set forth by Rosa and her team. In addition, the Cudell Fine Arts space received rave reviews from attendees who ranged from participating artists and their families to neighboring centers as well as the public.
Along with the attractiveness of the new location, it also allowed Rosa the opportunity to fully utilize the NAP’s online registration elements by having devoted internet access along with a full-time printer that permitted her to print on the spot, both of which had previously not been available at their old location.
Even when facing unforeseen obstacles, it’s dedication like Rosa’s to the NAP show and its participants that truly make a venue shine.