Cleveland, OH Announces 2010 NAP Winners

The City of Cleveland, OH announces the winners of their 11th Annual NAP Exhibition.
Adult Amateur
First Place - Orlando Coleman for "Untitled"
Second Place - Datwaun Brooks for "Crossing Brooks"
Third Place - Faranak Arab for "Sunflowers
Honorable Mention - Doris Hill for "Untitled"
Adult Intermediate
First Place - Benjamin Diaz Jr for "Self Portrait"
Second Place - L.C. for "Self Portrait: The Clapton in Me Part II"
Third Place - Sarah Pokalsky for "Lyin on the Beach"
Honorable Mention - Henry Miklowski for "The Hook"
Adult Professional
First Place - Mary Ellen Salo for "The Shoe Maker"
Second Place - Bob Walls for "The Artist Father"
Third Place - Gabriel Gonzales for "Chemical Romance"
Honorable Mention - Jayne Sylvester for "Totem to Ecological Inter-Dependence"
Youth 7 & Under
First Place - Emma Gyorki for "Still Life with Fruit"
Second Place - Andrew Pham for "Colorful Birds"
Third Place - Terrance Pham for "Colorful Birds"
Honorable Mentions - Robert Keyser for "Cyld's Bowl" and Jasmyn Seifullah for "Three Cowgirls"
Youth 8-11
First Place - Omar Abed for "African Violet"
Second Place - Destinie Vargas for "The Rare Daisy"
Third Place - Julia Dreis for "Springfield"
Honorable Mentions - Anthony Bearden for "Digital Raft" and Audreanna Atherton for "Cubist Serenity"
Youth 12 -14
First Place - Sabrina Pham for "Self Portrait"
Second Place - LaQewna Harrison for "My Dinner"
Third Place - Logan Sherhag for "Chameleon"
Honorable Mentions - Seth Patrick for "Teapot Lost at Sea" and Brandon Hartley for "Crying Blue Face"
Teen 15-17
First Place - Michael Gundich for "The Path Less Traveled"
Second Place - Martell McCornell for "Misunderstood"
Third Place - Cushon Grump for "Confusion"
Honorable Mentions - Olori Smith fir "Devils", Josiah Trujillo for "Focus" and James Smart for "Vibrant"
Best of Show - Mary Ellen Salo for "The Shoe Maker"
Check out pictures of these pieces and more on the Cleveland venue page of our website. 
Congratulations to all the winners!