Cleveland’s Spectacular NAP Presentation

Search the web for the ‘Cleveland, Ohio National Arts Program®’ and you will find many professional artist’s resumes that proudly list their awards and participation in one of the past thirteen annual exhibits. The amazing presentation of the NAP Exhibit in Cleveland each and every year is thanks to the dedication of coordinator Chris Luciani. His efforts allow artist of all ages and levels of skill to feel honored to take part and display their talents in public.
The Arts Collinwood Gallery was the site of Cleveland’s annual NAP show. At Arts Collinwood they believe that a flourishing arts community enriches a neighborhood’s quality of life. By partnering with the Division of Recreation’s Bureau of Cultural Arts to showcase the exhibit they are helping to offer residents more opportunities to engage in the arts in their own community.
This collaborative effort between the City of Cleveland Division of Recreation and The National Arts Program® showcases the work of Cleveland artists of all ages, backgrounds and levels of expertise. Be sure to visit their venue page and view the beautiful exhibit photographs which provide a glimpse at the amazing array of talents the participants have among them.