County Building Comes Alive with Community Talent

"Ant Piles and Owl Boots" by Lily Costa, Youth First Place Winner
The Seminole County Services Building was once again alive with artistic talent during the fourteenth annual NAP exhibit with a mix of artwork from a diverse group of county workers that included employees, volunteers and retirees of both county government and public schools along with their immediate family members on display.  The show, which was on view for the entire month of November, showcased more than 160 pieces of art.  Coordinator Christine Patten commented, “it’s wonderful to see the community come together to share their talents.”
The art is not only appreciated by participants and their family members, but by many of the visitors to the county building. “County residents could be seen stopping to admire pieces that caught their eye and captured their imagination,” said Christine.  The ability to brighten the day of someone just visiting a county building for any number of routine reasons is such a joy. This is especially true when the artwork is made by someone that works right in their community, maybe even someone who might help them during their visit.
We are proud to be able to showcase the talents of this wonderful community and look forward to celebrating their fifteenth year with our program in 2019!
Seminole County