Employee Artists Shine at Carilion Clinic Exhibit

“Contemplation”; Ayotunde Ayobello; Amateur, Best of Show; Painting; Employee; Resource Pool Nursing

In partnership with The National Arts Program® the Carilion Clinic in Virginia offers both an annual Employee Art Show and a Patient Art Show. Each year, Coordinator Marie Webb dedicates herself not once but twice to organizing a successful NAP Exhibition. Currently their Employee Art Show, which is an initiative of the Dr. Robert L.A. Keeley Healing Arts Program, is on display at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. Art is submitted by Carilion employees, volunteers and immediate family members. The works of art, 124 in total, are displayed for several weeks in the lobby. If you were unable to attend the amazing show in person, Marie made sure you could still admire the art by viewing their online gallery which includes images of each and every piece. Through the online gallery she also runs a contest which allows visitors to vote for their favorite piece to be awarded the LinDor Arts People’s Choice Award. 

One look at this astonishing collection and it is clear that the employee base in Carilion is brimming with visual art talent. A wonderful painting entitled ‘Contemplation’ by Ayotunde Ayobello took home the Best of Show, making it the second year in a row that an Amateur artist received the Best of Show Award. Ayotunde isn’t the only employee to win a prize, in fact over 70% of the adult awards were won by employee artists. The show may end on July 13th, but the end of one NAP show means the start of the next for Marie. The National Arts Program® is happy to know that both shows are in such good hands and would like to thank Marie once again her for her dedication to the arts and to her community. 

Carilion Clinic