Employee Community Gathers for the NAP in Seminole County, FL

Seminole County Government employees and their family members came together on August 14th to celebrate the participants and winners of their 9th Annual National Arts Program® Exhibition. County Commissioner John Horan and County Manager Jim Hartman where in attendance and presented the awards at the reception. Seminole Coordinator, Christine Patten commented that, “the reception provided an opportunity for employees to introduce their family to coworkers … and to mingle and discuss the artwork entered in the show. It is helpful in building a community art experience.” Christine was also able to enhance the reception by utilizing her non-matching scholarship funds awarded by the NAP. Over 100 guests attended the ceremony and helped to celebrate the talented artists.

This year’s showcase included a wonderful mix of works from the county employees and their families. A total of 102 works were displayed in the Seminole County Services Building for all to enjoy. A wonderfully unusual ‘Best of Show’ prize was awarded to professional sculpture Vadim Malkin for his piece entitled ‘Goatye’.  To view more of his extraordinary creations visit his personal webpage by clicking here.

Vadim Malkin; Professional, Best of Show
Craft; Employee; School Board

Seminole County