Employee & Family Artworks Adorn Boston City Hall

The City of Boston held their fourth annual National Arts Program exhibit from November 1st through December 24th this year. Coordinator John Crowley commented that the audience was very excited and they had a great turnout for their November 5th reception. One artist in particular touched a chord in people’s hearts. Intermediate artist Keith Spady who works at the community center and helps the youth of Boston go down the right paths in life, was truly surprised that his artwork was chosen for an award. When he came up to the podium to receive his award he was overcome with emotion. It meant so much to him to be recognized as a great artist.

We are so appreciative of John who went above and beyond this year to bring their National Arts Program exhibit back to the city. City Hall is currently adorned with an incredible collection of 85 artworks from their employee community. John Crowley even noted that he plans to follow up with many of the artists to offer them an exhibition later in the year.

John also described some of the wonderful ways he was able to utilize our scholarship money towards the exhibit. First, they gave a freelance photographer starting off his career a paying assignment, a young person who is interested in public service was given paid work, three working professional artists received jury stipends and a restaurant that employees ex-prisoners as part of their mission was supported. We are so grateful to John and all that good that he does with this program in the City of Boston each year!