Front Range Draws a Crowd

With more than 325 people in attendance, the Phillip S. Miller Library was standing room only for their awards reception held on October 12th.  Coordinator Bruce Workman commented that, “this is one of the largest crowds we have ever had at a reception!”  Not only was there a significant increase in the attendees to the awards reception, the number of pieces was up from the previous year as well.  The 6th Annual NAP exhibition in Front Range, CO had more than 115 pieces from 109 different artists on display.  
With the increase in participation numbers spread across each of the five different categories, there were a number of first time winners this year.  Corinne Schroeder, pictured, is one of these.  Corinne was awarded First Place in the Teen 13-18 category for her photograph entitled “Velo”.  The NAP is pleased to see the increase in participation especially with so many of them being first time entrants.
Front Range, CO

Corinne Schroder
Teen 13-18, First Place



Front Range