Guests Get a Closer Look at Art in Tacoma

“Margaret”; Jodi Davila; Intermediate; Honorable Mention; Craft; Employee; Public Works Department

The 11th Annual City of Tacoma National Arts Program® Exhibit opened on May 1st and included a stunning collection of 110 artworks. The artwork in the show represented over thirty different city departments and included work from not only employees but also retirees, volunteers and their immediate family members. Each year Coordinator Naomi Strom-Avila commits to making the experience a memorable one for each and every artist. During the May 22nd reception Naomi displayed all of the winning works at the front of the room so that guests could get a closer look at the pieces, have a dialogue with the artists and congratulate each other. Each award winner then had their picture taken with both the Assistant City Manager Mark Lauzier and Councilmember Marty Campbell while receiving their ribbon and certificate. Naomi made sure to send every artist a copy of their picture after the event as a remembrance. Surely the artists appreciate the extra efforts made to recognize their talents and to celebrate them during this wonderful event.

One artist from the show summarized their thoughts regarding the show saying, “I continue to tell people about this art show that you organize and direct each year. I think it is one of the best programs I’ve ever heard of to encourage creative involvement of your employees and families in their workplace and their community. It is truly a moral and pride building program that benefits your company, the employee, and the community. It tells me you are proud of your employees. Thank you!”

Naomi does everything in her power to make the show a success including taking full advantage of the NAP non-matching scholarship money. This year the fund were used to help with the reception expenses as well as for a wide variety of items from facility rental to a professional art handler to help install the show. Naomi said she is sincerely thankful for the funds that continue to make their participation in the show feasible during this busy time of year.