Honolulu, HI Increases Participation

The Sixth Annual National Arts Program® Exhibit for the City of Honolulu hung throughout the month of June and included a beautiful collection of art from the employees and their family members. “The creativity displayed in these works is amazing,” said Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts Executive Director Kaleve Iosefa.

Once again, Coordinator Tory Laitila was successful in producing a professional gallery feeling and added to the participants overall experience by including catering and music at the awards reception which was attended by an estimated 120 guests. The awards ceremony took place in Honolulu Hale and the winners were announced by Acting Mayor and Managing Director Douglas Chin.

Not only was this an exceptional collection of visual artworks, but participation was up ten percent from the previous year. The NAP Foundation looks forward to even bigger shows in years to come! Thank you Tory for your dedication to the arts.

I’ll Get Through This Rebekah Dalton

I’ll Get Through This
Rebekah Dalton
Amateur, Best of Show
Relative; Police Dept.