A Huge Impact for Carlsbad

Visitors taking in the professional display of artwork by City of Carlsbad employees and their family members at their awards reception.
The City of Carlsbad NAP exhibition, like the majority of our venues, has a strong impact on the participants and their family members. It’s no wonder as more than 100 participants showcasing 169 pieces of original artwork were featured in this year’s exhibition. One city employee remarked that she was extremely thankful to provide her youngest grandchild with the opportunity to showcase his artistic talents.  She especially loves that he is able to shine and be recognized, he won an award in the Youth 12 & Under category, as his other siblings are both more athletic.
The effect of this exhibition was not only felt by those who were connected to a participant in the show, but by the greater population of the City of Carlsbad.  In addition to the 220 plus people who attended the awards reception on June 19th, the William D. Cannon Gallery also counted approximately 2,395 additional visitors who viewed the artwork during the course of the show.  This provides wonderful exposure for the artist while giving the community the chance to connect on a more personal level with city workers.  Coordinator Karen McGuire commented that, “visitors never fail to be amazed and delighted by the high caliber of work in this unique community exhibition.”
This exhibition is a perfect example of how displaying employee artwork can make a huge impact on the surrounding community as well as the participants.