The library is once again adorned with art in Front Range

Pictured here is Youth 12 & Under artist Dakota Kinsey with his Honorable Mention award winning piece entitled “Friends”.

Over 100 artists are included in the 12th Annual Front Range National Arts Program Exhibit this year. The Front Range show invites residents from within a 60-mile radius of Castle Rock, Colorado to participate. The Philip S. Miller Library supported this exhibit by once again donating display space for this stunning showcase. All ages and levels of ability were represented, and Jeanne Trueax did a fantastic job coordinating the exhibition. Jeanne along with Toni Brock and Evette Goldstein from the Parker Artists Guild handled all the details and have kept this opportunity alive for their community these past few years. We are so grateful that they stepped up to take on this show which celebrates artists both young and old. 

Jeanne commented that their “scholarship money was extremely helpful and made the event a big success!” She certainly made good use of their non-matching funds by covering everything from judges’ honorariums, professional photography, printing flyer, forms and reminders and was able to purchase food and drinks to enhance the reception as well. Even after all of this, they had money to spare from their non-matching funds! We are so pleased when this annual scholarship is put to good use in so many areas of the exhibit’s preparation as well as the awards reception. 

Jeanne shared that she is already brainstorming new ideas for advertising next year and considering how to reach even more of the youth artists through local summer art programs. We are so pleased and grateful to have such passionate artists coordinating the NAP show in Front Range!

Front Range