Lubbock, TX Utilizes NAP Non-Matching Scholarship Money

The City of Lubbock, one of our longest standing venues, held its Twenty-First Annual National Arts Program® Exhibit in October of 2010. The overall participation was up due to the efforts of those within the Lubbock Municipal Garden and Arts Center that are coordinating the show. With 113 artworks displayed from sixteen different city departments, it was quite a show.
Keeping the announcement of the winners a secret until the reception helped to add to the excitement of the awards ceremony. The overall quality of the ceremony was also aided by the NAP’s Non-Matching Scholarship dollars that were applied to many aspects of the reception and exhibit. We are hopeful that we can continue to offer the Non-Matching Scholarship monies to venues like Lubbock and that their participation numbers will continue to grow, reaching even more of the wonderful city employees and their family members.