Manchester Arts Commission Announces Winners

First Place Winning piece in the Amateur category entitled "Papyrus ex machina" by Jill Robinson



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Winners of 15th City Employee & Family Art Show

Manchester, NH—October 10, 2023—The Manchester Arts Commission (MAC) announced the winners of the 15th City Employee & Family Art Show tonight at City Hall. Matt Serven was awarded Best of Show for works of stained glass, Untitled 1 and Untitled 2. Ethan Robinson won the National Art Program’s Art Education Award for the sculpture Soda Pop Culture. First place went to Jill Robinson for Papyus ex machina (Amateur), Tom Jennings for Adams Point (Intermediate), Adam Freshour for The Beehive (Professional), Max Robert for Skits & Giggles (Teen), and Pascal Dionne for Charcoal (Youth). The complete list of winners and honorable mentions is below.


More than 50 talented artists from the community submitted nearly 100 pieces, including photographs, paintings, ceramics, and various other works of art. This eclectic collection represents artists of all ages and experience levels. The show will be displayed in the Art on the Wall Gallery on the first floor of City Hall through the end of November. Visitors can vote for their favorite work to select the People's Choice Award through the end of the show by visiting the website:

The exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the National Arts Program, which has worked for more than 30 years to has ensure that employees and their families have access to opportunities that showcase their creativity. To learn more about the National Arts Program, visit the website:

About the Manchester Arts Commission
The Manchester Arts Commission is dedicated to promoting the arts and fostering a creative community in Manchester, NH. Through a variety of programs and events, MAC strives to connect artists with the public and create opportunities for artistic expression and appreciation. To learn more about MAC, please visit


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Winners and Honorable Mentions



1. Jill Robinson, Papyrus ex machina

2. Adam Iverson, ShoreBird

3. Jason Davini, Come Fly with Me

Honorable Mention: Jenny Lynch, Baby Yoda

Honorable Mention: Adam Iverson, Floating Orb



1.Tom Jennings, Adams Point

2. Thomas Brescia, Ayida-Weddo

3. Andre Krause, Winter Night in the City  

Honorable Mention: Pat Harte, Jamaican Fisherman at Sunset

Honorable Mention: Bethany Clark, Ravens in the Snow



1. Andrew Freshour, The Beehive

2. Karah Marshall, Summer Water Lilies

3. Phuong Lai-Matzker, Sunrise

Honorable Mention: Karl Schmitz, The Bricks Must Yield #1

Honorable Mention: Renee Greenspan, Waves on the Jetty



1. Max Robert, Skits & Giggles

2. Taryn Ducharme, Marble

3. Leia Johnstone, The Crag and the Gator

Honorable Mention: Saffron Matzker, Revenge

Honorable Mention: Taryn Ducharme, Heart of Central



1.     Pascal Dionne, Charcoal

2.     Abigail Tanner, The Blue Bird

3.     Osric Dionne, Fizz with Pumpkin

Honorable Mention: Zinnia Dionne, Fish Eating Ocean

Honorable Mention: Jake Grawey, Untitled (Car)


Best of Show

Matt Serven Untitled 1 and Untitled 2


Art Education Award

Ethan Robinson, Soda Pop Culture