VIA Metropolitan Transit Continues to Grow

Coordinator Jerri Ann Jones of VIA Metropolitan Transit, TX worked hard this year to not only boost participation but to incorporate the matching scholarship element of the National Arts Program®. It’s only their second year and they are proving that they can grow and improve the show on many levels. The reception, which took place on February 11th at the SMARTart Project Space, was well attended with guitarist David Garza playing live for the crowd. Once again Jeff Ramirez was there to take photos for the exhibit website and the VIA newsletter.

Jerri Ann commented that the non-matching scholarship money was greatly appreciated and was partially used to advertise the event to the public on their buses and through print announcements placed at locations around the community.

Self Portrait at Moulin Rouge
Jason Rodriguez
Intermediate, Second Place
Mixed Media
Employee; Strategic Planning & Project Development

VIA Metropolitan Transit