Milestone Year at Reno-Tahoe International Airport

"Bow Street" by Winston Alamilla, Honorable Mention Painting from the Professional Category; Employee, RTAA Custodial

This was Reno-Tahoe International Airport’s 10th Annual National Arts Program® Exhibit and as is tradition their wonderful President & CEO, Marily Mora, was on hand to celebrate the artists and their achievements. During the May 16th reception, which was attended by approximately 150 guests, Marily spoke about the show and honored longtime NAP coordinator Kim Matthews by presenting her with the Tenth Anniversary NAP Award and a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her team. 

When addressing the audience, their largest crowd ever, Kim said, “that this is really a milestone year.  My father, who has been teaching oil painting for 50 years, just retired for the second time.  I was able to join him in Arizona for his retirement party and meet many of his students for the first time.  Hearing stories from his students reminded me of the many friendships (and families) that are created and brought together by our Employee Art Show.  And we have the National Arts Program® to thank for all of that.  With 10 years of support!”

It was fitting that Reno-Tahoe Airport’s Coordinator Kim Matthews should be honored on the Tenth Anniversary of their National Arts Program® show since this is the year that she is officially “passing the torch” to a new coordinator.  Kim, whom has run this show since its inception, was promoted to the Manager of Marketing this year. We couldn’t be happier for Kim, and although she now steps away from the day to day planning of the exhibit, she has successfully handed the reigns to the new coordinator, Mary Lee Mansfield. Mary Lee is their new Marketing Coordinator and this year was already very involved in the execution of the show. Having someone who is just as passionate and dedicated is something we are very grateful for and we look forward to working with Mary Lee on their NAP show for many years to come!

Reno-Tahoe International Airport