NAP attends Fifth Annual Show in Pinellas County, FL

Jackie Szafara, Executive Director and Maren Crestani, Asst. to the Chairman of the NAP recently attended the awards ceremony for the Fifth Annual Pinellas County Exhibition. Maria Reilly, Human Resources Coordinator, was presented with the Fifth Anniversary Award for her tireless dedication to the program each year.

Over the past few years, with loss of jobs totaling in the high hundreds, Pinellas County continues to display well over 100 pieces of artwork each year by their employees. The artwork is hung in the Pinellas County building and every year hundreds of passerby's stuff the People's Choice ballet box for their favorite piece while enjoying the exhibit.

The awards ceremony was attended by numerous officials from all diffferent county departments who were genuinely impressed by their colleagues artwork. Congrats to everyone who participated in this year's show!

Pinellas County