NAP Show Provides a Sense of Community at Orlando International Airport

Youth & Teen artwork seen on display in the busy Orlando International Airport

As the second busiest airport in the state of Florida, Orlando International Airport (OIA) reported that 42 million travelers passed through their corridors in 2016, with 13% being international visitors. Now imagine having the opportunity to have your artwork be seen by even just a fraction of these millions of people to view during their travels. That’s just what Coordinator Vera Walker and the Greater Orlando Airport Authority do by hosting an annual NAP exhibit.

Now in their twelfth year with the program, the exhibition has been in a few various locations throughout the airport over the years, but the one constant is that it is always displayed in a public place and this year is no different. Although the artwork is divided into two display groups, the first being youth and teen and the second being adult amateur, intermediate and professional, they are both located in areas that are well traveled by visitors and staff alike.

By giving the airport staff daily exposure to the show, the exhibition offers a way to connect those people who work in the same location. Vera commented that, “the ‘Share the Art’ show is a time that brings the airport community together.” Providing this sense of community is very important for creating a positive work environment. The personal connection created also extends to those who are just passing through the airport on the way to their destination. The show serves to connect travers to the personal size of the individuals that keep the airport running.

With this year’s show featuring over 150 pieces of artwork on display from employees, retirees and both their immediate family members, the exhibit surely accomplished all this and more during the month long stay at OIA.

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority