NAP Visits Raleigh / Wake County, NC

Annually for nine years, the City of Raleigh has enjoyed a unique display when the lobby of the municipal building is filled to capacity with the artwork from employees and family members of the City of Raleigh and Wake County. Commonly known as the Block Gallery; this 2,296 square feet of marble walls, illuminated by custom lighting and hosting a professional hanging system, provides an ideal setting to showcase original artwork from these employees, giving all of them the opportunity to be in a true art gallery setting.

Weiner Dog, Strong Coffee
Keith Norval
Professional, Second Place
Employee; Parks & Recreation

At the December awards ceremony and artists’ reception, National Arts Program® Executive Director, Jackie Szafara, was in attendance to hand out the awards. Hannah Costner, Block Gallery Coordinator, and Bob Rankin, of the Raleigh Arts Commission (an artist and past participant himself), were also on hand to congratulate and welcome the artists. Many other officials attended to see the talents of those that work side by side them everyday. Ms. Szafara discussed the importance of expressing yourself and sharing your artwork.