NAP Welcomed Back with Open Arms at AMITA

“Embrace”; Grace Zhou; Teen 13-18, Art Education Award; Works on Paper; Volunteer;

Coordinator Sue Kett is an avid believer that the creation of art and the healing environment go hand and hand.  A belief that has only grown stronger over the course of her time coordinating the NAP exhibit as she continues to see the profound effect the annual show has on the employees.   A fact that became even more apparent with the tremendous response to this year’s call for entries after AMITA Health (previously Adventist Midwest Health) had to take time off between exhibitions due to a major merger.  

The response to the return of the annual exhibition for its fourth year confirms Sue’s belief and the proof is in the numbers. This year’s show featured 131 participants showcasing more than 200 pieces of art.  These numbers not only surpassed AMITA Health’s previous participation numbers, their 2017 show also has the largest amount of artwork on display in the history of the “Healing Arts Exhibit” at AMITA.  Sue stated, “The exhibition is a cherished tradition within our region of hospitals and the employees truly missed the opportunity to share their artistic talents during the hiatus.” 

Along with this increased growth, Sue finds great pride in witnessing the firsthand growth that many participants have made over the years as they are continually encouraged to nurture their creative side and share it with their professional working environment.  “There are so many stories attached to the beautiful pieces of art that it brings me much joy to be the vehicle that brings this program to our hospital,” she commented.

The National Arts Program® is truly thankful to have such dedicated coordinators like Sue who believe so strongly in our mission and see the benefits our show bring to not only the participants, but everyone involved.

AMITA Health