NAP Welcomes Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center, WI

The First Annual NAP Exhibition at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, WI was a huge success! More than 100 employees and their family members entered the show producing 179 piece of artwork. The artwork was displayed along panels in the hospital skywalk where hundreds of employees, patients and visitors can take in all the creative talents. Coordinator Jill Wargolet commented that, “the show has brought a sense of connection and aesthetic appreciation amongst our community.”

In addition, Jill decided to include a People’s Choice Award to help involve the participants and the community in the event. And involve the community it did. Jill received more than 200 votes for the award!

We are pleased to welcome Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center to our family of venues and look forward to many more great exhibitions in the future.

Jessica Gartland
Teen 13-18, First Place
Relative; Cardiac Department

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center