NAP Welcomes Shands Jacksonville Medical Center

The state of Florida is home to the largest number of National Arts Program® exhibitions. Not only does Florida consist of nine different programs, but they were the first state to host an airport exhibition as well as a transit authority show. So when Tawana Brown from Shands Jacksonville Medical Center contacted us about bringing the NAP to their teaching hospital, we knew it would be a perfect time to add our first hospital venue to the state. 
Tawana, who is the Special Projects Coordinator for the hospital, had learned about the NAP after attending the SAH conference. After hearing about the program, she was thrilled with the possibility of bringing employee artwork to the forefront of their teaching hospital.
Since Tawana like many of our venue coordinators had never organized an art exhibit, she reached out to the Museum of Contemporary Art for help. The Museum was able to offer some great guidence with regards to how to display the artwork in a professional manner within the hospital lobby. Local museums like this one are a great resource for our coordinators.
Thanks in part to this collaboration and all of Tawana's hard work, Shands Jacksonville Medical Center had a beautifully displayed first show.  The show, which featured ** pieces of artwork, was on display in the lobby of the LCR Building for the majority of the month of September. 
UF Health Jacksonville