National Arts Program Features UMMC Art Exhibit

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Thanks to the success of our first employee art exhibit in October, the National Arts Program (NAP) selected University of Maryland Medical Center as its “sNAPshot” of the month.

The NAP website is showcasing photos of much of the UMMC artwork.

For 31 years, the National Arts Program  has partnered with organizations to develop venues for employees and their family members to showcase artistic talent in annual art exhibits. Soon after UMMC formed a Healing Arts Team in 2013, the team applied to this national collaboration to include the Medical Center.

The two-week exhibit, held in our beautiful and light-filled Weinberg Atrium, featured 156 pieces of artwork created by UMMC staff and their immediate family members, ranging in age from 8 to 81.

The artists represented dozens of departments at the Medical Center.  Artists emerged from Facilities, Case Management, Human Resources, Social Work, Community Outreach, and many inpatient units. They included nurses, MRI techs, administrative assistants, histologists, discharge facilitators and faculty physicians.

The judges were professional artists from Baltimore’s local art community — Robert McClintock, Will Williams and Cinder Hypki. They chose 21 award recipients and distributed $2,400 in cash prizes sponsored by the National Arts Program.

The Healing Arts Team hopes to provide more opportunities for UMMC employees, patients, families, and visitors to integrate art into their daily lives.

The award winners in the October show were:

Best In Show

Shannice Wollock, Relative of Ian Wollock (MS IT Systems Support, Information Service and Technology): “Alone”

Adult Professional

1st Place: Deborah Kommalan, Relative of Marnie Kommalan (SCN I, Peri-operative Services): “President Street Parking”
2nd Place: Lynn Hamrick, Histologist, Anatomic Pathology: “Waiting for Jack”
3rd Place: John Cotterell, RN, Neurology: “Easter”
Honorable Mention: Sami Gurmu, Special Projects Coordinator, Patient Experience C2X: “Healing Energy”

Adult Intermediate

1st Place: Darron Claiborne, Senior Quality and Compliance Coordinator, Safety and Quality/Cancer Center: “The Avenue”
2nd Place: Tina Patterson, Activation/FFE Manager, Project Development: “P4-STC-R”
3rd Place: Rupal Mehta, Assistant Professor, Pathology: “Traffic”
Honorable Mention: Alexandra Clemsen, Cardiac Sonographer, Cardiology: “Laugh”

Adult Amateur

1st Place: Tammy Blyveis, Medical Technologist, Hematology: “Coy Koi”
2nd Place: Napoleon Reyes, Relative of Hydelyn Grace Cerbo-Reyes (Discharge Facilitator, 11 East): “Tulip”
3rd Place: Jonathan Gottlieb, MD, Chief Medical Officer: “Death Valley”
Honorable Mention: Laurie Bennett, Systems Analyst III, IS&T: “Blue Still”

Teen (12-18 Years Old)

1st Place: Jamie Bernstein, Age 16, Relative of Wendy Bernstein, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology: “A Visit to the National Gallery”
2nd Place: Julie Kearney, Age 15, Relative of Sarah Woodring (RN, Medical IMC): “Merry Marigolds”
3rd Place: Kylie Bryant, Age 15, Relative of Jennifer Bryant (MRI Tech, Radiology): “Still Life”
Honorable Mention: Elin Fan, Age 13, Relative of Xiping Ma (RN, CCU): “Origami Miniatures”

Youth (12 and Under)

1st Place: Diana Isabella Olivo, Age 8, Relative of Icelsa Garcia (Facilities Planner, Facilities Planning & Development): “Fruits Table”
2nd Place: Joshua Cignatta, Age 12, Relative of Dennis Cignatta (CN II, Cardiac Surgery Stepdown): “Flower”
3rd Place: Rivka Manangan, Age 11, Relative of Rona Managan (Medical Technologist, Laboratory): “Sunflower”
Honorable Mention: Mya Allen, Age 8, Relative of Nichole Allen (Outpatient Coder Team Leader, Health Information): “Mama’s Loveseat”

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