New Orleans, LA Celebrates Five Years

The fifth show for the City of New Orleans once again reflects this cities determination and courage. The Honorable Mayor Ray Nagin was the Master of Ceremonies, handing out awards to the winners. Mayor Nagin commented on the vast talent within the city and how he had been looking at the artwork on display the entire previous week. In addition to the standard awards, they also give out a Mayor’s Choice Award chosen by the mayor himself. This year’s Mayor’s Choice winner did an entire piece out of paint color strips that you receive at a paint store.

Coordinator Asali Devon did another tremendous job. She even had last year’s teen winner give a speech on what the award meant to her (love this!). Attendees were also treated to refreshments and a photo opportunity with the Mayor.

New Orleans is still working with 30% less people than they did pre Katrina, but continue to embrace the arts at all turns. It has been a vital part of their resurgence and the NAP is proud to be a part of it!

New Orleans