Orlando, FL Hosts Employee Workshop

For the seventh year in a row, Orlando, FL hosted a wonderful National Arts Program® Exhibition for the city employees and their families. With more than 120 pieces on display in the Terrace Gallery of City Hall, Coordinator Paul Wenzel returned as coordinator of the program after taking a break for a few years.
This year, Paul utilized the NAP’s Non-Matching Scholarship money to host an employee art workshop. Employees and their family members were invited to the City of Orlando Pottery Studio on Saturday, May 8th where participants were encouraged to create artwork for the NAP Show. The adults in attendance created self portraits out of clay while the children made “Happy Face Pots.” About twenty employees and their children attended the workshop and had a great time. Paul commented that, “The results were fantastic! The self portraits left a lot of room for creativity and invention while working with the structure of one’s own face. The children also had a great time working with their imaginations creating “Happy Face Pots” which were painted and then fired.”
While the City of Orlando has had a number of budget cuts and numerous layoffs this year, workshops such as this are a great resource to the employees. These workshops give employees who wouldn’t normally have access to an art studio, an opportunity to unlock their hidden talents and create a piece of art for the NAP exhibition. Paul was very grateful for the additional money stating, “with budgets as tight as they are this program may not have been possible without the scholarship funds from NAP.”
We couldn’t be happier to provide the additional scholarship money for such a great cause. The NAP would like to welcome back Paul and congratulate all the participants of the 2010 CityArt Works Show in Orlando, FL!