Orlando International Airport CEO Recognizes Employees Artistic Talents

'Rubber Band Land’; by Vanessa Cruz; Intermediate, Honorable Mention; Craft; Relative, Mears Transportation

Phil Brown the CEO of Greater Orlando Aviation Authority attended the August 23rd awards ceremony for the 13th Annual ‘Share the Art” National Arts Program® Employee Art Exhibit. Mr. Brown commented that, “Orlando International has supported the arts for over 36 years in this community and collaborations like this with the National Arts Program® further demonstrate our commitment to the arts and to our overall community. This show also helps us recognize and see our fellow airport employees in a totally different light, as the creative talents that they are.”  The NAP certainly agrees that the employee community of Orlando International Airport is a talented one, proven by the amazing showcase of 158 varied artworks that are on display. One of the more unusual works in the exhibit is a whimsical collection of creatures made entirely of rubber bands! The work, pictured here, is entitled ‘Rubber Band Land’ and is a craft by Intermediate artist Vanessa Cruz that took home an honorable mention in her category. There are so many wonderful artworks in this show, if you are traveling through the airport prior to October 25th don’t miss your chance to see it first-hand!

As always, coordinator Vera Walker was dedicated to making this showcase a success and has truly honored all the participants with this wonderful exhibit and reception. The NAP is grateful to Vera and all of the officials that attended the reception to celebrate this annual showcase!

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority