Orlando International Airport, FL 17th Annual Exhibit Expands

GOAA CEO Kevin Thibault with Youth First Place Winner, Serenity Vallejo.

Lindy Shepherd, the Events and Art Collection Coordinator, works tirelessly each year to find new ways to reach employees and let them know about the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority NAP Exhibition. Her efforts were rewarded this year with a wonderful turnout which included 143 pieces of art that were collected and beautifully displayed. Lindy told us that the exciting addition for their 17th annual employee art show has been the use of their new Gallery MCO space in the Main Terminal in addition to their Community Wall and Alcove area, located near the Executive Offices. The wood floors, brick details and spotlights in Gallery MCO added a professional finish to the employee’s artworks. They filled all three locations and are planning on where they will need to expand next year!

Lindy told us that it was encouraging to see so many new employees participate in addition to the returning artists. We translated some of our promotional materials into Spanish, and this increased our sign-ups as did some one-on-one outreach to the vendors at the airport. Several winners came from our vendors including Best of Show winner Carmen Lecko from the Magic of Disney store and Intermediate First Place winner Joey Rivera from the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport.

There were many touching stories to be heard as the artists and their families dropped off their art. Among the proud parents eager to support their children’s efforts was the dad of Youth First Place winner Serenity Vallejo (pictured above with GOAA CEO), who works in the MCO Control Tower. He and Serenity have spent time doing art together, but he said her skill had surpassed his with her piece entitled “Basquiat Inspired Rainbow Cats,” and this was her first time entering a contest. Another Youth of distinction is Micah Dumond, winner of the Art Education Award. He has been recognized by the judges in some capacity for the last three years for his paintings and ceramics, and this year his “Glaring Fish” chalk and crayon drawing caught the judges’ attention.

We were so lucky to have Lindy as the coordinator leading this program at GOAA as she is passionate about reaching as many people as possible in their employee community! We look forward to seeing the continued growth and success of this long-standing showcase!

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