Practice makes even more perfect in the State of Delaware

The State of Delaware's 7th Annual NAP Exhibit Beautifully Displayed in the Delaware State University Arts Center Gallery.
Somehow Coordinator Kristin Pleasanton from the Delaware Division of the Arts manages each year to improve upon an already phenomenal National Arts Program® Exhibit! The State of Delaware show is in its seventh year with the program and showcased artwork from 224 artists in the Delaware State University Arts Center Gallery. The show, which is currently our only state-wide NAP exhibit, invites 30,000 employees to participate. It is no small feat promoting, organizing and executing a show of this size but Kristin does it brilliantly.
After noticing a slight decline in awards reception attendance, they made the decision to move the presentation to a Sunday to avoid conflicts for families including; sporting, science and odyssey of the mind events which tend to happen in Saturday’s during the month of march. This small change worked and over 250 were in attendance for the reception! During the awards ceremony this year two People’s Choice awards were presented to both the online (Facebook) and onsite (ballot box) winners. Kristin and everyone at the Delaware Division of the Arts have worked so hard to make this event a success and we thank them for their continued dedication.
State of Delaware