Raleigh Returns for Year 15

Artist Wilma Bethea took home the Third Place Amateur Award for her work entitled 'Grateful Heart Ballerina'.

The City of Raleigh rejoined the NAP roster this year with one small change; the subtraction of Wake County participants as the Wake County United Arts Council no longer wanted to take part. However, after fourteen years with the program, coordinator Stacy Bloom Rexrode was determined to continue to provide the opportunity for Raleigh employees and their family members to share their talents. And share their talents they did! The artwork submitted for their fifteenth annual exhibit once again filled the Block Gallery walls displaying the wonderful creative talents of the city.

An opening reception was held in early December to celebrate the return of the exhibit which featured a live band and announcement of the winners. A more formal ceremony took place in the Council Chambers with the Mayor presenting the cash awards to the winners on January 22nd. 

Stacy is already planning for next year’s event and strategizing how to increase participation especially in the teen category which had the lowest number of participants. It is the dedication and ability of our coordinators to adapt to different situations that enables the NAP to continue to be successful year after year.