Salt Lake County, UT Shares 2010 NAP Award Winners

Salt Lake County, UT is pleased to announce the winners of their 5th Annual National Arts Program® Exhibition.  To learn more about our Salt Lake County venue or to see pictures from this years event, please check out their venue page of our website.
Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's event!
Adult Amateur
First Place – Virginia Palyka
Second Place – Nick Boyt
Third Place – William Scott
Honorable Mention(s) – Kelly Colopy, Cameron Miller, Ryan Rydalch and Ed Scott
Adult Intermediate
First Place – Gary Tueller
Second Place – Scott Bird
Third Place – Jennifer Sparks
Honorable Mention(s) – Doris Itow, Durand Johnson and Jason Yocom
Adult Professional
First Place – Irene Rampton
Second Place – Sophia Esterman
Third Place – James Hamell
Honorable Mention(s) – James Calvert and Buddy Franck
Youth 12 & Under
First Place – Raiden Baker
Second Place – Sophie Corroon
Third Place – Austin Williams
Honorable Mention(s) – Kimbell Aune, Lucy Cook, Peter Corroon Jr. Theo Dabling, Sarah Evegull and Nicole Turner
Teen 13-18
First Place – Sarah Christensen
Second Place – Andrew Fowler
Third Place – Elizabeth Miner
Honorable Mention(s) – Alex Bryner and Madeline Stanfield
Best of Show – Virginia Palyka
Salt Lake County Art Collection Committee Purchase Award – Virginia Palyka
Salt Lake County