Santa Rosa Captures the Artistic Spirit of the Community

Participant Arturo Cueves poses proudly by his artwork with his entire family at the reception.
In a local news article featured in The Press Democrat, the writer referred to the City of Santa Rosa NAP show as “a gateway to the artistic spirit of Santa Rosa.” This statement could not be more accurate at perfectly capturing the essence of this long running exhibit.  With more than 200 pieces of art from all walks of life transforming the walls of the Finely Community Center into a professional gallery, the exhibition is truly representational of the community. 
One of the main reasons that their annual show is such a beautiful representation of the community is the positive environment that has been created over the years. “It’s just a very affirming and encouraging thing to participate in,” commented Coordinator Jessica Rasmussen.  This welcoming atmosphere can be directly attributed to why the exhibition has such a wonderful mix of participants taking part each year.
Now in its seventeenth year, the exhibition is deeply rooted in the artistic community with many of the city’s well-known artists having their talents first displayed at a NAP exhibition.  “I know there’s been people over the years, who are artists in our community now, this was the first thing they entered,” Jessica commented.
Along with these well-known community artists, Jessica stated that there is a fantastic element of multi-generational family participation that has happened over the years with entire families taking part, everyone from the kids all the way to the grandparents.  Watching the artistic spark get passed down to future generations and then seeing all their artwork displayed together is truly heartwarming.
Helping to make sure that the show is a true representation of the community, Jessica works directly with two local human services organizations – Becoming Independent and The Wellness and Advocacy Center – to make sure that artists with disabilities are also taking part.  Each year, artists from teens to adult professionals share their creative talents with the community by placing work in the exhibition.
It is the combination of all these unique groups within the community displaying their artwork side by side that create a show that truly encompasses the artist spirit of the City of Santa Rosa and one that the NAP is proud to be a part of.
Santa Rosa