See the paintings, drawings and photos that won awards in the 2022 'On Our Own Time' competition

"FRONTERA" by Ruben Moreno, senior exhibit specialist with the Arizona State Museum, won best in show.
By Andy OberUniversity Communications
February 4, 2022

An illustration that resembles a Snakes and Ladders-style game themed after the Sonoran border won best in show in this year's "On Our Own Time" art exhibit and competition.

"On Our Own Time" is being held in a hybrid platform, with all entries shown on the "On Our Own Time" webpage and many on display for in-person viewing in the Bioscience Research Laboratories building lobby through Saturday.

The exhibit showcases paintings, photos, sculptures and other art works created by University employees, retirees, volunteers and their family members. It is coordinated by the University's Employee Recognition Committee and is sponsored by the National Arts Program, which provides materials and funding for awards.

"The faculty, staff and family members who have displayed their art these past couple of weeks are a demonstration of the amazing talent we have right here at the University of Arizona," President Robert C. Robbins said in a video message. "And this exhibit is an opportunity to pause and appreciate the richness that art brings to all of our lives."

This year's exhibit drew nearly 200 entries from as far away as Indiana and from artists as young as 4 years old.

Ruben Moreno, senior exhibit specialist at the Arizona State Museum, says his best in show-winning piece ,"FRONTERA," aims to highlight the precarious and unpredictable journey many immigrants take from Latin America to the United States.

"On a whole, I hope that the experience of going through the game board shows the complexity and struggles and ultimately opens up a more broad discussion about border issues," Moreno said.

See "FRONTERA" and the rest of the winning entries in this gallery.

2022 Winning Entries

Best in Show
Ruben Moreno, senior exhibit specialist, Arizona State Museum

Art Education Award
by Kincaid LeGros, family of Theresa LeGros, senior research specialist, School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness


 First place: "All the Tea We Cannot Drink" by Lisa Galloway Sprietsma, family of Joseph Sprietsma, school liaison, Building Healthy Communities Project, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

 Second place: "Neon Frida Kahlo Day of the Dead" by Brianna Doyle, graphic designer, BIO5 Institute

 Third place: "As Above So Below" by Jennie Norris, graphic designer, Facilities Management

Intermediate (entrants with some experience)

 First place: "Charlie Girl" by Sue Chacon, instructional technology technician, College of Veterinary Medicine

 Second place: "surviving COVID" by Sergio Castrezana, laboratory manager, Department of Entomology

 Third place: "Overtime" by Sara Gallagher, senior laboratory coordinator, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Amateur (entrants with little or no experience)

 First place: "Moon at Dusk" by Melanie Calderwood, certificates of distinction and longitudinal integrated clerkship coordinator, College of Medicine – Phoenix

 Second place: "Hope" by Bryan Welborn, grants-contracts coordinator, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

 Third place: "XXI – The World" by Hilary Moale, research specialist, Valley Fever Center for Excellence

Teen (ages 13-18)

 First place: "The Log" by Kincaid LeGros, 15, family of Theresa LeGros, senior research specialist, School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

 Second place: "Smile" by Avery Maland, family of Lia Falco, associate professor, Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies

 Third place: "Life in the Sea" by Anthony Son, 13, family of Hyewon Shin, senior program coordinator, College of Nursing

Youth (ages 12 and under)

 First place: "Year of the Tiger" by Rita Shatz, 6, family of Yi Dai, clinical data manager, College of Medicine – Phoenix

 Second place: "Flowers in Vase" by Abby Henson, 9, family of Erika Eggers, associate professor, Department of Physiology

 Third place: "Deer in Moonlight" by Ezra Coan, 6, family of Andrew Coan, associate dean for research, James E. Rogers College of Law


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