Standing Room only at UChicago Medicine

One of the multiple UChicago hallway filled with this year’s amazing artwork.

UChicago Medicine awards reception held on December 11th was a standing room only event! One of the major reasons for this packed house was that their 14th Annual NAP Exhibit was the largest show on record for this venue. The exhibit features a total of 229 pieces created by 145 participants – that’s an increase of 56 pieces from just last year! Co-coordinator Janet Seitzer commented that it was nice to see such a faithful group of long-term participants as well as a healthy group of new ones taking part in this year’s show.

Coordinator Monica Hork has been organizing the program at UChicago since its inception and even after 14 years, she and Janet are finding ways to continue to enhance the experience of the participants.  New this year, they included slides of the exhibit as well as the winning artworks during the awards ceremony which was reported to be very well received by attendees.  

Along with the awards reception, the exhibition itself is one that is a highlight of the year for UChicago. Monica personally reached out to the NAP to say, “thank you for this wonderful program you created. It touches so many in joyful ways.  I so appreciate all you do and wanted to let you know that people just love this program!”

UChicago Medicine