A Successful Decade of Art at Atlantic Health

Two nurses take time out of their hectic schedule to stop and enjoy all the artwork made by fellow employees and their family members.
In December of 2006 Maria Lupo discovered our program through a Society for Arts in Healthcare newsletter and being the true advocate for the arts that she is, she made it her mission to bring this opportunity to the Atlantic Health System community. Maria saw the benefits of our program and has run a wonderful, successful show for these past ten years. Ania Lesiak began co-coordinating the show in 2014 and she has also been fantastic to work with. Her dedication and hard work in coordinating this show elevates the experience for each and every participant. 
They had an excellent turn out for their tenth anniversary show which included 204 artworks by 139 participating artists. They celebrated the occasion by incorporating a few extras at the reception including; themed treats, a special $100 “Ten for Ten” Award given to the tenth artist to register, and raffled off ten $10 Starbucks cards to attendees. 
The show is open to employees and their family members from not only five separate hospital locations, but also corporate as well as all Atlantic Health System affiliated offices and sites. This brings their base of invited participants to an estimated 15,000. With such a tremendous employee base there will surely be many more talented individuals that will bring forth their art in the years to come. 
The National Arts Program® sent along a Tenth Anniversary Award to commemorate the special occasion and our partnership with this incredible team. Maria and Ania run an amazing employee art show and we consider this one of our most consistently successful shows across the country.Thank you to Maria, Ania and the entire Healing Arts Team and of course thank you to all of the participating artists for sharing their talents!
Atlantic Health System