Successful Sixth Year for Advocate Aurora Health Medical Center, WI

The Sixth Annual Advocate Aurora Health St. Luke’s Medical Center NAP Exhibit opened on February 21st. The show was displayed in the hospital skywalk once again and Coordinators Jill McNutt and Erin Hein collected and hung 150 pieces of art. The showcase includes artworks from artists that together represent thirty-five different hospital departments. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic their plans for an upcoming ceremony and reception had to be put on hold for what ended up being quite a long time. The celebration of this exhibit may have lessened but perhaps the purpose of it became even more important. The essential employees of the medical center were given the gift of this showcase, which was freshly displayed, at a time when their work was becoming more stressful than ever. There was certainly little to distract them from their work during those long months, but we can imagine that those who passed through the skywalk may have stopped for a moment and enjoyed the art. They say that art can help heal people but maybe in this case it helped the healers!

Erin and Jill commented that this was a year for learning and patience. When the pandemic hit, all non-essential personnel were no longer allowed onsite and so the coordinators had to get creative! They adapted by finding a way to announce the winners via video. After recording the announcement of the winners, they passed the video on to us to get it online. Just this week they were finally allowed back onsite to begin taking down the art. They were well prepared and have planned that prior to dismantling the show they will photograph and film the showcase in order to get it all online and share it with the public who were unable to view it in person.

This sixth annual showcase was beautifully displayed and we congratulate the winners and the coordinators for their extraordinary creativity this year!

Advocate Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center