Tacoma Offers Award Winners another Exciting Opportunity

Coordinator Naomi Strom-Avila had a fantastic National Arts Program® show this year. The exhibit included 152 works of art by the City of Tacoma employees and their family members. Naomi’s commitment to the show was evident this year in the over twenty percent jump in participation she was able to achieve.

The opening reception for their ninth annual show was held on May 20th at the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts. Each year Naomi rents this space for the reception as it is a beautiful facility and offers a larger space than can be found in their municipal building. City Council member Marty Campbell and City Manager T.C. Broadnax were on hand at the reception to announce and honor all of the winners.

Naomi explained another exciting opportunity that she offers to the participants of their NAP show. They invite all award winners to exhibit a larger body of their artwork in the City’s gallery space in the Municipal Building after the National Arts Program® exhibit ends. These three-month-long group shows keep their gallery space active year round and showcase even more employee art! What a wonderful way to enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Participants have shared many positive comments including one from Cheryl Comer (mother of participant Ryan Asche). Cheryl said, “Please accept our thanks and appreciation for all your hard work on this art program. It is such a thrill to see Ryan’s photos and all the artwork by employees and other children on display!” The National Arts Program® agrees and would also like to thank Naomi and everyone involved for all their efforts in making this such a successful show!

“Mao and his Tuzi Army” Christopher Hoppin; Professional, First Place, Sculpture Relative; Environmental Services

“Mao and his Tuzi Army”
Christopher Hoppin; Professional, First Place; Sculpture
Relative; Environmental Services