Tenth Anniversary Display in Austin is a Shining Example


Venue coordinator April Sullivan (L) proudly showing off her 10th Anniversary Award
from the NAP with VSA Texas Executive Director Celia Hughes

This was the tenth anniversary NAP Show for the City of Austin, Texas and what a beautiful display it was. The show included a wonderful mix of 174 pieces that were professionally hung in the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center. Although numbers were down slightly from last year they continue to be creative with advertising, such as this year’s campaign with bus ads, and are sure to attract new participants for 2014.

Coordinator April Sullivan always puts forth the extra effort to make this show really shine. For that reason, April was honored with the NAP Tenth Anniversary Award, which Executive Director of VSA Texas, Celia Hughes presented during their December 7th Awards Ceremony. Over two hundred attendees came to the awards reception to take in the show including; Jeanne Claire Van Ryzin, art critic and Austin American statesman, Kimberley McNeely, Assistant Director of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, and  Laura Esparza, Director of the History, Arts, and Nature Division of Parks and Recreation.

In Austin great care is taken to display each piece in its best light and often in a unique way. It is obvious that the participants are being given the full professional art show experience.  This is something that the NAP puts great emphasis on and we are proud to say that Austin continues to exceed our expectations!


Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center
provides a professional space for the NAP show in Austin. Intermediate, First Place, craft by Robert McGowen pictured in foreground.