VIA Transit Employees Share Hidden Talents

"Vision of Hope" by Saul Zertuche; Amateur, Best of Show; Painting; Employee; Fleet & Factilies
Now in their eighth year, the NAP exhibit at VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority in Texas continues to build a stronger community through the sharing of artistic talents.  “Many of the participants feel that this exhibit creates a sense of unity within the company and allows employees to express themselves in ways otherwise unseen by their peers,” states Coordinator Daniel Rodriguez.  The show also aids newcomers to VIA’s workforce by helping them to integrate into the community by taking part.  Employees like Saul Zertuche, from Fleet & Facilities, who had only been employed with VIA for a year, decided to enter his painting entitled, “Vision of Hope” (pictured) in the Amateur category.  Saul’s painting not only gained the recognition of his peers, but the judges as well who presented him with the highest honor, the Best of Show award – a wonderful achievement for a first-time participant!
As NAP coordinator, Daniel helps to encourage first-time participants as well as returning artists by providing an annual incentive that makes it hard for even the busiest of employees to find a reason not to take part.  Each year, he offers all employees the opportunity to enter the exhibit by sending one picture via email through the “Send Us Your Picture” initiative. The employee just provides all the necessary registration information in the email and Daniel handles the rest – printing and mounting the pieces so they are ready to hang – leaving little excuse for not participating.  This incentive was originally started for employees such as Bus Operators who spend the majority of their working hours on the move, but has grown over the years and allowed more people to take part in the event, in turn aiding in the building of a stronger workplace community by including those employees who don’t fit within the typical office environment.  Initiatives like this go above and beyond what is required of our coordinators and truly showcase the dedication Daniel has to insuring the success and continued growth of the program every year.
VIA Metropolitan Transit