Triumph for Camden County, NJ Sixth NAP Show

On a chilly Sunday in December, the Cultural and Heritage Commission in Camden County was shoulder to shoulder with participating artists from this year’s NAP Show. Sandra Turner-Barnes and Bruce Garrity did a tremendous job fitting all the artwork into the space. In his opening remarks, Bruce said, "I hang a lot of shows in Camden and always know the artists and their work, but with the NAP, you never know what you are going to get!" When over 200 pieces come in ranging not only by talent but by medium, the challenge becomes showcasing it all. It is unique to the NAP that all pieces entered must be displayed, but also it is so exciting to see artist that have never been recognized for their talent.

Camden moved the show back to the Cultural & Heritage Commission building after a brief stint in the library, and most participants seem to really enjoy seeing their pieces hung in this historical site in Camden. Hats off to a wonderful show in 2010!


“Mixed Match”
Alison Lusasdi
Amateur, First Place
Works on Paper
Camden County Resident


Camden County