Twenty Four Years and Still Going Strong in Lubbock

Artwork displayed in the Lubbock Municipal Garden & Arts Center for their 2013 NAP Exhibit.

Wow! After twenty four years of holding National Arts Program® exhibitions, Lubbock is still going strong. Longtime Coordinator Paula Griffith was able to hit our goal and hung 143 works in the Lubbock Municipal Garden & Arts Center. It was beautifully displayed and the Mayor, Assistant City Manager and Managing Director were all in attendance for the awards reception which took place on November 1st. 

Lubbock has consistently displayed three generations of art from one family in their show. The NAP is proud to sponsor this longstanding tradition and to encourage artists of all ages to bring their talents forth to the public. Facilitating a way for not only families but for an entire community to come together to share this experience is an impressive feat. We would like to applaud Paula and her staff for another job well done.

Paula herself commented that, “this is an awesome program…… the NAP is a favorite exhibit of the Garden and Arts Center staff”.  After 24 years collaborating together it is safe to say that the City of Lubbock is a favorite of the NAP staff too! Lubbock is a great example of how the mission of our Program has withstood the test of time and continues to be effective in cities across the country.